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U-type EGCS

Open Loop wet scrubber technology

The U Type EGCS uses Open Loop wet scrubber technology with exhaust pass functionality. The overall system has been designed to minimize Power consumption, pressure drop and general maintenance requirement. The U-type is the best option for cost-conscious Owners looking for a simple open loop scrubber from a supplier that is renowned for delivering high quality products and services.

The U Type EGCS has a small footprint and low weight, and it is produced in accordance with ISO standards. Its compact size reduces installation costs as well as space allocation. Through its flexible design, EGCS units can be tailored to all vessel sizes with open and hybrid ready versions, suitable for newbuilding or retrofits. It can be cylindrical or rectangular depending on the available space in the ship. Every U-type scrubber can be customized according to the Clients input to ensure an ideal solution, both technically and commercially. To reach the 0,1%S requirements in the ECA zones, it is necessary to increase the dimensions of the pipes and pumps to be able to inject additional water. There is no need for added chemicals.

Seawater is the only scrubbing

The scrubber unit is designed with as few internal parts as possible to meet emission level limits to air and sea. It is simple and easy to operate with seawater as the only scrubbing and neutralizing medium. All consumers can be connected (Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine & Boiler) through dedicated quenchers design to suit.

The CleanSOx U-type is a conventional packed bed scrubber. Exhaust from multiple sources are led to the scrubber through a quencher, which provides the first stage of the cleaning process. Seawater is injected at several stages to clean and cool down the exhaust before it reaches the packing.

Efficient cleaning process

The main seawater injection is at the top of the scrubber to feed the packed bed. Gravity leads the water down through the packing in a counter current flow with the exhaust gas flowing up through the packing elements. The packing consists of a layer of randomly packed objects designed to maximize the surface area of the injected water, which ensures good counterflowing exhaust gas. The washwater is drained out of the bottom of the scrubber, while the clean gas continues through the packing via the demister unit, before it is released into the atmosphere. The result is an efficient and well tested cleaning process with no moving parts.

High quality scrubber

The U Type EGCS is designed to comply with IMO resolution MEPC 259 (68) Scheme B (continuous emissions monitoring and parameter checks). The SO2 reduction efficiency of our scrubbers corresponds to a reduction in fuel Sulphur content from 3,50% to 0,1% — exceeding the required level of compliance with the global cap of 0,5%.

As the Clean Marine brand is synonymous with quality, the U-type is built from a very high-grade material (SMO254) which ensures that the scrubber will last for the entire lifetime of the vessel. Auxiliary equipment, such as pumps and analyzing units, are sourced from high quality manufacturers.

Key features

Scrubber Configuration:

  • Cylindrical or Rectangular scrubber is chosen to meet exhaust flow rate, and flexibility in dimensioning for installation in constraint spaces, minimizing modification for retrofit project.


  • Scrubber body and quenchers are made of highest stainless steel grade SMO254, with increase strength, toughness and resistant to corrosion.

Efficient Scrubbing Process:

  • Special fire retardant packing bed material (FRPP) ensure efficient scrubbing process and reduce overall weight of the scrubber due to its light weight.

Low Operating Cost:

  • Design of scrubber process facilitates lower wash water flow rate, with reduce power consumption and minimize operating cost.
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Alan LinderothVice President Sales

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