Futureproof hybrid EGCS in 1 single unit

Clean Marine’s unique all-stream exhaust gas cleaning system offers significant savings to shipowners, and is fully compliant with global (IMO), regional and local regulations regarding emissions to both air and sea, including US VGP.

Truly multistream

One system serves all combustion units

Truly hybrid

No trade restrictions

Truly sustainable

High pH, exceeding IMO regulations


Our flexible CleanSOx Compact is tailor-made to any engine and design, and therefore compatible with vessels in all segments and sizes.

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Due to special layout considerations, our CleanSOx Tower is compatible with larger size vessels.

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Our next generation Open Deck scrubber was created as a response to many shipowners request for a scrubber with lower capex and opex while at the same time being able to meet the IMO2020 requirements.

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Our U-type scrubber is a simple, flexible and cost effective packed bed scrubber with no moving parts. It has a low operating expense and no chemicals are required.

The U-type scrubber is highly competitive in price and is ideal for Bulk Carriers, Car Carriers, Tankers and Container Ships.

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The rectangular scrubber gives more flexibility for design, especially for retrofit projects as width and length can be adjusted to suit existing space on board, while still meeting the regulatory requirements by IMO.

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The optimal EGCS solution for SOx compliance

Our EGCS system works equally well in open and closed mode while seawater and alkaline are used to regulate the Sulphur trapping efficiency in both modes. The EGCS can operate in all types of water (including low alkaline and saline water) in either mode, without loss of efficiency.

The CleanSOx EGCS is the optimal solution for the marine environment and represents a futureproof system for the ship owner, adhering to regulatory variety in all waters. Our system also has the ability to combine natural and added alkalinity in open loop operation. This means it will provide high cleaning efficiency while maintaining a pH>6 at the outlet, making the effluent compliant with all IMO and regional/local regulations.