CleanSOx Compact is our most flexible scrubber. In addition to its small size, the weight reduction design allowed by the unique patented gas recirculation technology, brings maritime scrubbers to the next level. This scrubber is compatible with all sources including boilers, delivering maximum emission performance.

The compact size of this scrubber does therefore not necessitate or involve a major design change or rebuilding of vessels to fit the equipment onboard. The CleanSOx Compact scrubber therefore represents the optimal solution for owners opting for scrubbers when considering parameters such as: Hybrid, Allstream, Size, Weight, Design, and the total cost of installation and commissioning.

Key features

No back pressure:
No fuel penalty
AE’s can start connected to EGC unit(s)
No restrictions running AE’s in part load – no impact on – engine parameters (EIAPP)
Boilers connected
Closed loop/open loop operation:
Open loop 0,5% Sulphur – sea water only when – Sulphur < 3,5%  (Given that exhaust gas largely comes from Diesel engine)
Open loop 0,1% Sulphur – sea water + NaOH dosing; can transit any water – no alkalinity restrictions
Closed loop – sea water + NaOH dosing; only required – where zero discharge is called for pH
Open loop 0,5% Sulphur – process water + dilution device
Open loop 0,1% Sulphur – plus NaOH (pH 6,5 at 4m or pH 6 – overboard)
Footprint and savings:
Height reduced by 66%
Weight reduced by 30%
Cost reduced by 30%
Operates with one fuel in all areas and harbours
No need for major rebuilding of the vessel; minimum footprint requirements
Reduced installation and commissioning time
Future proof solution
Minimum CAPEX and OPEX