Through its significant size and weigth reduction design, our CleanSOx Tower is the optimal solution for SOx compliance on larger vessels. This scrubber is compatible with all sources including boilers, delivering maximum emission performance.

By using the optimal amount of energy, this tower-shaped scrubber is made to handle massive amounts of exhaust. The CleanSOx Tower scrubber therefore represents the ideal solution for owners opting for scrubbers when considering parameters like: Open Loop, Hybrid, Allstream, Size, Weight, Design and the Total Cost to have it installed and commissioned.

For the largest vessel-types you have the option of choosing a model with an extra fan.

Key features

No back pressure:
No fuel penalty
AE’s can start connected to EGC unit(s)
No restrictions running AE’s in part load – no impact on engine parameters (EIAPP)
Boilers connected
Closed loop/open loop operation:
Open loop 0,5% Sulphur – sea water only when Sulphur < 3,5%  – Sea Water in combination with NaOH at peak loads and when boilers are engaged.
Open loop 0,1% Sulphur – sea water + NaOH dosing; can transit any water – no alkalinity restrictions
Closed loop – sea water + NaOH dosing; only required where zero discharge is called for
Open loop 0,5% Sulphur – process water + cooling water + dilution device
Open loop 0,1% Sulphur – plus NaOH (pH 6,5 at 4m or pH 6 overboard)