Service & support

Dedicated team of experts

Our expert service centre is open 24/7 for technical support and general services. No matter where in the world you are our team will happily assist you at any time.

Remote Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Our Service centre will provide you with remote assistance for problems related to our scrubber units. Our team of experts can be reached through phone and email. We can also log on through team viewer to assist you real time.

Service & Repairs

On site repairs, upgrades or drydock repairs and maintenance on yards. We offer contractual annual inspections where a Clean Marine service engineer can board and sail with your vessel to assess performance and condition of our system yearly. Onboard service and repair whenever needed, where resources and time to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Spare Parts

We will recommend amount and type of spares onboard the vessel and/or ashore. In cooperation with the client we will recommend a spare part strategy.


We provide onshore or onboard training upon request. Training service covers operation, maintenance, safety and system upgrades of scrubber unit.

Contact us for service and warranty

Switchboard: +47 21 04 33 11
24/7 Support:  +47 21 98 45 95

Switchboard: +47 21 04 33 11
24/7 Support:  +47 21 98 45 95

Switchboard: +47 21 04 33 11
24/7 Support:  +47 21 98 45 95

Konstantin Kostov
Konstantin KostovService & After sales Manager
Mobile: +35 988 236 7191
Switchboard: +47 21 04 33 11