Why Clean Marine

Ensure compliance while staying competitive

With Clean Marine you get high quality scrubber systems made by shipowners for shipowners, engineered for your vessel to meet tomorrow’s international emission regulations, while at the same time protecting the environment from soot particles, particulate matters and SOx emissions.

We have been highly motivated by creating tomorrow’s sustainable solutions since 2004. This was our very start of our research and development as part of the industry-leading shipping company, Thorvald Klaveness Group. Today we provide a fully integrated offering, including Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) expertise, significant capacity, fast production times, project management and global after-sales services.

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EGCS per month


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Return on investment

A key issue for shipowners is the return on their investment (ROI) in new technology. Our futureproof CleanSOx EGCS-models offers market competitive ROI for shipowners.

The investment cost for the EGCS unit ranges between $500 000 – $2,5 million, depending on vessel type. Installation costs of approximately $1 million must be expected, depending on yard. Estimated operating cost for the scrubber is $20-$50 per metric ton fuel consumed by the scrubber, depending on caustic soda (NaOH) and fuel price, fuel Sulphur level and scrubber operating mode.

Example below is based on a vessel burning aprox. 10,000 tons annual fuel consumption.

$ ~1,5-3,5m

Clean Marine scrubber
ECGS Investment cost

$ ~2,6m

Gross fuel savings *

1,1 years

approximate payback time

* The spread between compliant fuel and HSFO is assumed to be USD 250 per tonne fuel. Estimated cost is $20-50 per tonne fuel consumed by scrubber combustion units. Fuel cost is depending on caustic soda and fuel price, fuel Sulphur level and scrubber operating mode. In this example we have used a fuel cost of $40 per tonne fuel.

Financing offering with GreenSeas

GreenSeas Finance is a financial services company focused on funding shipowners to comply with IMO 2020 environmental regulations governing sulphur emissions.

Through attractive lease financing, shipowners can retrofit vessels with minimal upfront capex, enabling for capex to be funded over time and offset by increased cash flow generated from operations.

With minimal capex outlay, 90% financing of equipment cost can be amortized in a period of time up to 36 months. With unsecured financing, you alleviate the need for time consuming and costly financial and legal arrangements. Flexible drawdown gives you a funding commitment up to 9 months from execution. In all cases we offer an efficient process that includes standard documentation with expedient application process to minimize costs.

We are presented worldwide

Approximately 490 Clean Marine employees will serve clients around the world from offices in Norway, Bulgaria, Singapore, USA and Indonesia, in addition to a global network of local sales agents and professional support services around the world.

“Clean Marine is one of the pioneers in the scrubber industry and has hence been through the infancy stage that any new product category must tackle. The lessons learned and knowhow obtained from this experience have been used constructively. We appreciate that scrubbers are still new to most shipowners and has therefore high focus on training of the use of our products.”

Some of our clients

We have been fortunate to cooperate with many recognized shipping companies around the world. They see the importance of focusing on sustainability — and have used our services to meet international emission regulations. Here you can see a selection of companies that have chosen scrubbers from Clean Marine.

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